How Customer Experience Can Reinforce Your Brand

Branding is one of those concepts that’s difficult to nail down.  Most businesses know they need a strong brand, but most don’t understand what that means or how to achieve it. Is your brand a logo, your packaging design, a slogan, or is it something more subjective; a perception your customers have about who you are, what… Read More »

Improve Your Customer Experience and Grow Your Business

Each year, the Tempkin Group surveys and rates customer experience across a wide range of 20 industries, including supermarkets, fast food, healthcare, internet service providers, and more.  What the 2016 Annual Customer Experience Ratings survey found was alarming. While companies large and small are spending more than ever to make customer experience better, customers report that those companies are actually doing worse.… Read More »

Even More Small Business Marketing Tips

No matter how good your product or service is, it is difficult to get your business off the ground without marketing. Here are some good marketing tips and strategies to help you market your small business efficiently. First things first, start an email marketing list Even now, email marketing is one of the best time investments a… Read More »

Ensure That the Customer Experience You Offer is the Best

e all know that our customers are the reason for the success (or failure) of our business. For this reason, we need to ensure that we offer a high quality customer experience – every time the customer engages with our business. Not only will it keep them coming back, they will be more likely to… Read More »

Tips For a More Efficient YOU

As a small business owner, you probably wish that you had more time to devote to your business. If you’re just starting out, you most likely work as many hours as possible, and likely find yourself wishing there were more hours in every day. You feel like you are successful, but you also know there… Read More »

Time Management Tips

Time management can be very hard for even the most successful entrepreneur, small business owner, or business professional. For someone starting out, it can be downright exhausting. Trying to figure out how much to take on, how long things are going to take, and how to get it all done is very challenging. So what… Read More »

A Beginner’s Guide to Paid Search

Paid search is a valuable marketing tool that is often underutilized by small business owners. The idea of “paying” for leads can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. Here you will learn how to setup successful paid search campaigns that will help you grow your brand and generate revenue. Build Your Keyword List… Read More »

3 Questions to Help Evaluate Your Branding Strategy

Before getting started with any type of marketing campaign, it’s imperative to figure out what kind of brand identity you are looking to establish. Below are a few questions to help get you started with evaluating your branding strategy. Are you focusing too much on your company? This question is particularly relevant in the context of content… Read More »